Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme - mit Freude Parken -
         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

How to face the future?                                         

Cities as the motor engine of mutability and actionability of a society.



Cities are recognized as motor engine of action and transformation ability. Cities are the origin of hopes and expectations, with and against each other, between chaos and future. In the West, Urbanisation is only slowly moving forward, here existing structures will be modified. To solve the traffic congestion of urban cities different kind of concepts are applied. Singapore has a road traffic system. is used, virtually a toll system for the inside-city in which the user registers and pay according to usage needs. Similarly, the "London congestion charge", a congestion charge, which drivers must pay in central London. The fee was introduced at the beginning of 2003. The registered owner of a vehicle with which the marked congestion zone is to be used on weekdays 7-18 am, a daily charge for use of the automatic payment system has to pay. In Tokyo, the buyer of an automobile - with the purchase of a vehicle - must also be able to have a own parking space. Those concepts are to reduce car traffic.


How to park those cars? In New York City, the valet parking is popolar. The driver hands over the car keys to a valet agent and get the vehicle then brought back. In modern parking concepts downtown residents offer you their private parking space for a rental during the day. This is then paid by using a special app. New York has highest prices in parking fees and parking spaces. Mechanical and automated parking is becoming a trend there. 


The greater Munich area is probably the area with the greatest proliferation of double parkers. From the outside not visible, there exist underground garages from the 70s with more than 200 parking spaces. To the chagrin of many users in an oblique version, uncomfortable for the user and problematic for many vehicle. Better: the comfortable doubleXParker with its many advantages. Inform yourself. Madrid one of the cities with the most well-spreading automatic parking systems. The projects have a slot size of 40 to 200 cars. Interestingly there: The historic structure of the building in the very much old buildings are gutted. Interesting: Where a conventional parking garage has no place, there can be multiple parking created with an automaticXParker. With a size of plot of 20x30m - 300 spaces are possible.

New York City - Parken ist auch hier nicht einfach. Valet Parking ist ein bekanntes und übliches Angebot

In emerging markets and third party countries, cities are merging to multimillion metropoles. Gridlock is the consequence and the devolopment of the infrastructure is getting a mammoth task. Climate change and CO2 pollution are no object.


Simple and cheap solutions can be implemented with  singleXParker. They are used in Valet-Parking, in hotels and residential buildings. They can be used in existing facilities, and they fit for boom companies: They can double the company parking spots in an easy and fast way.

High traffic causes CO2-pollution and and handicaps people and environment. 


Madrid has a lot of automated parking systems. Automated parking systems can reduce CO2-emissions.

The Quantum Immobilien AG is convinced that " The most important reason for the demand of parking space will be the retail industry. The amenity of the intra-urban retailer will increase the demand for central located parking spaces. (Quantum Parken 2020; 2012)

Create additional residential property in cities: A current study of the TU Darmstadt and the Pestel-Institut says, that in Germany 1,5 million residences can be created by addition of storeys.  


There could be added 1 storey in 580.000 recidences which are build from 1950 to 1990. This could bring some 1,12 million new apartements. Some further 420.000 apartements could be created with buildings established before 1950. Historical conservation and cityscape have been taken into consideration.


Narrow, high, deep or compact. Our solutions are for the future. Talk with us.



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