Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme - mit Freude Parken -
         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

Doublestacker - 100 % more spaces.                                         

Double spots with doubleXParker

With doubleXParker you can double spaces.


In Germany 77 percent of private households have at least 1  car.

In about 30% of the households, there are 2 or more  cars (UBA 2015). 



If you normally have one spot, you can double it with a doubleXParker E. and have two spaces.


And instead of two spots, you can double it with a doubleXParker D and have 4 spaces. There are different reasons to go on with the planning and installation  of doubleXParker:


  • going without 2nd garage basement for a better user acceptance
  • going without 2nd garage basement to save costs (excavation, ventilation, ramps, technical equipment, elevators, etc.)
  • double spaces with limited footprint
  • Sustainability and Green Building to save resources
  • Having 2 spaces per appartment for a better pricing in cities
  • to fullfill building legislation which is asking for a minimum of plots
  • reduce parking search traffic
  • save CO² emissions
  • double spaces for private and family reasons
  • alternative use of open space for individual and appropriate purposes
  • having more green and less sealing

Green with doubleXParker.

Trees can reduce summer heat under the crown up to 6 degrees.

The project Stadtgrün (Citygreen) 2021 looks and checks tree species, which can withold future climate conditions in our cities in the future.

Modern Real Estate - going without 2 nd basement by using doublestackers can enhance user satisfaction


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