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Doppelparker Parksysteme
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         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

Service doublestacker HOS - Who takes the responsibility?

Special ownership or joint ownership?

§ Doublestacker.

Special - or joint ownership?



The question of whether special or joint ownership has significant practical implications. Is the Homeownership (HOS) responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the double stackers, or the owner of the double parkers themselves? In many cases, the HOS will pay the costs of maintenance and repair. Depending on the case law, the HOS may have claims for reimbursement of these costs against the owners of the double-parkers.


Read the judgment:

BGH - judgement vom 21.10.2011 – V ZR 75/11


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Redesign and renovation.

Is a renovation worth it, or are there any alternatives?

An excerpt from the interview (Company/History).

Editor: What makes you different from your competitors with your new products and services?

Answer: We see the car parking systems from the user's point of view, there are markets that are much bigger and have developed much better than some in Europe.


Editor: What is the reason for this?

Answer: The product doublestacker is negatively in mind: the slanted platforms of the past were often not userfriendly - difficult to drive and bad to walk on . Corrosion protection was, as has been shown, insufficient in some regions. This is the difference between customer and user orientation.


Editors: Owners of double stackers complain about the low corrosion protection of the past. Critics say that this today is a lucrative spare parts business?

Answer: I do not want to comment further.


Editors: Is a redesign and renovation of old and rusty doublestackers worthwhile? What alternatives are there?

Answer: This can not be answered in a general way. It's a price question. If you want to spend several thousand euros per parking space, you can also decide to buy new systems using state-of-the-art technology. We are currently developing a brand new model 2017 that can also be installed in the old and flat pits with a small ceiling height. It has a wide range of advantages over the old systems - so we come back to customer satisfaction.


Editorial: It's noticeable that you are the first vendor in the market with standard parking space load of 2.200 kg, comfort platforms, tire-friendly side sheets and, and offer.

Answer: These are pragmatic and customer-oriented approaches. Our products are characterized by an exceptionally high usability.



Did you choose doubleXParker? We are always at your disposal, from the very beginning: in the first steps of the consultation, quotation processing, drawing check. From installation, maintenance and service, cleaning throughout the lifecycle of your parking system. Up to the recycling of your old parking system. With qualified staff - worldwide. Parking is a matter of trust. You will find in us a reliable, trustworthy and qualified partner.

We do everything for the availability of your parking system. We are your contact for technical questions about your car park system. In order to be able to park reliably at any time, we can support and advise you by telephone, via telepresence and, of course, personally at your premises.


Technical support.

Our group provides worldwide service and a wide range of technical services during the life cycle. Specialists are available via service hotlines. Depending on the type of installation, we support both the telephone as well as the connection via telepresence. With the Service Information System, important car park information can be analyzed. We help you to achieve high car park availability and this realtime. After the installation and commissioning of your car park system, we support you through maintenance, cleaning and quick deployment in the event of a problem. This is the basis for high system availability.



In the world markets, experts ensure the training success of partners in the training and further edeucation of the car park systems. Our partners use our competence for your usage success. Through optimized training and practical education.


Spare Parts.

With spare parts perfectly tailored to our car park systems and efficient logistics, we ensure a high level of availability. Competent advice helps to find the right service part.


• Fast and reliable delivery thanks to efficient spare parts logistics.

• Continuous development of the original spare parts and wearing parts.

• All spare and wear parts from a single source.

• Convenient ordering by phone, e-mail or letter.

• Competent spare parts consulting.

• Worldwide spare parts service.


Flexible logistics and high quality spare parts minimizes unscheduled downtime.




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