Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme - mit Freude Parken -
         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

The tripleXParker. Park-in with more comfort.

Columnfree resp. recessed endcolumns in the drive-in area. 


Arguments  und technical data.


Independant parking without pit.

The comfort star of the Lift+Slider systems. Columnfree.resp. recessed end- columns provide more drive in comfort.

Starting with 2 and more grids. On entrance level there is one empty space for movement. Entrance and exit is in each grid.


2 grids = 3 spaces, resp. 3/5, 4/7, 5/9, etc

6 grids = 11 spaces, etc.                                                  




  1. 2.200 kg car capacity, 550 kg wheel load
  2. Option 2.800 kg car capacity, 700 kg wheel load
  3. Comfortable to walk and drive on the plattforms with comfort sheets
  4. Columnfree resp. recessed endcolumns in the drive in area for more parking comfort
  5. Wheel protection side sheets
  6. Fully galvanized 
  7. Simple to clean
  8. Low sound emissions
  9. TÜV SÜD approval


Our performance/ services. Choose.


This makes our  

tripleXParker so extraordinary and popular for all parkers..


Technical Data

Planning information for the user, client architect, planner.


The datasheet with planning information and core arguments in overview.




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