Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme - mit Freude Parken -
         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

The singleXParker. With safety to the top.

Arguments  and technical data.


Dependant Parking on 2 levels. 

The starter for double parking. The singleXParker powers

with an extraordinary safety concept.


S = single system, 2 cars







  1. 2.200 kg car capacity, 550 kg wheel load
  2. Option 2.800/ 3.000 kg car capacity, 700/ 750 kg wheel load
  3. Comfortable to walk and drive on the plattform with comfort sheets
  4. Optimized safety concept
  5. Wheel protection side sheets
  6. Fully galvanized 
  7. Simple to clean
  8. Low sound emissions
  9. TÜV SÜD approval


Our performance/ services. Choose.


This makes our singleXParker so extraordinary and popular for car lovers and valet services.


Technical Data

Planning information for the user, client architect, planner.


The datasheet with planning information and core arguments in overview.


The-1-Million-Dollar-Parking Space.

Investment in car spaces. How much are spaces.

London, Zürich, New York, etc

Parking spaces are limted and sought

What really is important and how much people do pay. Read here..

Simply double parking spaces. For the second car or youngtimer. For company parking, hotels or valet parking. For cars, indoor or outdoor.



The singleXParker is the ideal solution wherever space is simply to be doubled. 2 cars per apartment? No problem with the singleXParker.. Successful car brands are increasingly suffering from lack of space. What about the new cars? A yard full of used cars. It becomes tight for customer vehicles and factory cars.


Hotel guests in the city center and not suffiecient parking space. Just

The concept of valet parking refers to the parking of a vehicle as a service. The vehicle together with the key is handed over to a person authorized to do so, which is called "valet". This person parks the vehicle accordingly and then proceeds to it on request for the further trip. Valet parking is today offered mainly by hotels, events, airports, car parks and the return of rental cars. Valet parking is offered mainly in America by many hotels, restaurants and retailers, although the distinction between valet parking and self-parking is common.


Internationally, Valet parking is often referred to as "Park & ​​Fly" (valet parking at the airport) and parking. Occasionally, additional services are offered in addition to the parking, which are done on the vehicle during the absence of the customer (e.g., cleaning, wash and care)..


It is also an interesting solution for upperclass hotels. The singleXParker is available with a car capacity of 2.200 kg, wheel load 550 kg . Optional also for heavier cars with car capacity 2.800 kg, wheel load 700 kg or 3.000 kg, wheel load  750 kg and car height up to 200 cm.




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