Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme
Doppelparker Parksysteme - mit Freude Parken -
         Doppelparker Parksysteme             - mit Freude Parken - 

History. An interview.

Parking with Pleasure. Four with competences. All together that are 80 years experience in Parking. 

The owner Thorsten Gmöhling in an interview with the editor. He has worked for more than 20 years at the management level for leading car parking manufacturers and has outstanding competences. Some questions by the editor.

Editor: How long have you been busy with mechanical parking systems? Answer: For over 20 years.


Editor: What was the biggest project in this time? Answer: The automatic smart towers - with a contract volume of 100 towers throughout Europe. The contracting partner was the Mercedes subsidiary MCC Micro Compact Car.


Editor: What was the highest project at this time, and I mean the probably highest system in the world? Answer: The Skygarage Hamilton Scotts in Singapore with a height of over 110 meters. The vehicles park in the apartment, safe behind glass. The manager Miss Ong Chi Chi has implemented a great concept.


Editor: What was one of the most interesting projects during this time? Answer: The "Meilenwerk" in Düsseldorf. An automobile theme park, unique in its one hundred year old Ringlock shed. I congratulate the Halder family for the great idea and implementation.


Editor: If you have been in the business for a long time, then have you already worked with reputable construction companies? Answer: Yes, these include the well-known construction companies such as Hochtief, Baresel, Bilfinger, Leonhardt Weiss, Goldbeck, Max Bögl, Ed.Züblin, Strabag. Also to mention the many medium-sized construction companies and general contractors, builders - which form the backbone of our economy.


Editor: Does your new group have such long experience and skills? Answer: Yes, this partner  already handled Europe's largest automatic parking system with 612 spaces turnkey in 2002, and since then has installed and managed several thousands of parking spaces.



Editor: What makes you different from your competitors with your new products and services?

Answer: We see the car parking systems from the user's point of view, there are markets that are much bigger and have developed much better than some in Europe.


Editor: What is the reason for this?

Answer: The product doublestacker is negatively in mind: the slanted platforms of the past were often not userfriendly - difficult to drive and bad to walk on . Corrosion protection was, as has been shown, insufficient in some regions. This is the difference between customer and user orientation.


Editor: Owners of double stackers complain about the low corrosion protection of the past. Critics say that this today is a lucrative spare parts business?

Answer: I do not want to comment further.


Editor: Is a redesign and renovation of old and rusty doublestackers worthwhile? What alternatives are there?

Answer: This can not be answered in a general way. It's a price question. If you want to spend several thousand euros per parking space, you can also decide to buy new systems using state-of-the-art technology. We are currently developing a brand new model 2017 that can also be installed in the old and flat pits with a small ceiling height. It has a wide range of advantages over the old systems - so we come back to customer satisfaction.


Editor: It's noticeable that you are the first vendor in the market with standard parking space load of 2.200 kg, comfort platforms, tire-friendly side sheets and, and offer.

Answer: These are pragmatic and customer-oriented approaches. Our products are characterized by an exceptionally high usability.

You can find more on this in the webpage and under "Arguments".


Editorial: Your group also works with TÜV SÜD together? Answer: After installation You can/ need a surveyor review. This can be done by authorized institutions.


In the context of a voluntary declaration of conformity The group works together with the TÜV SÜD.


Editor: We wish good luck with user oriented car parking systems

and double stackers.




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